The picture right was taken in Motherwell in 1954. It shows us, the three Paveley daughters, from left to right Linda, Irene, and Sheila. To the right is our cousin Susan Parvin, later Johnson. The person holding us up is our grandmother, Christina Parvin, born Corbett.
The one below? That’s us too, but taken a little more recently....

This site looks at the families of our parents, Chris and Ron Paveley, who lived in Beccles in Suffolk. Ron (1918) was born and raised in Colchester in Essex, and Chris (1924), born Parvin, in Motherwell.

The Paveley and Parvin families are linked to many others.The Paveleys of Colchester are linked to the Carters and Everitts also of Colchester and south Suffolk, and are eventually traced back to Sawbridgeworth.Our paternal grandmother was a Hatcher from an Essex boating family and is linked to the Carringtons, also boaters, and the Coveneys, of Colchester.

The Parvins are linked to the Mortons and Sykes cutlery families of Sheffield, and to the Dysons and Naylors of Yorkshire.

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The Parvins are traced back to North Leake. Our Parvins moved to Lanarkshire. Our maternal grandmother’s families are the McCraes from Skye and the Corbetts from Ireland, who met in the industrial heartland of Lanarkshire. 

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