Carringtons and Coveneys

This section of the site shows the Carrington family, who throughout the 19th and 20th centuries worked in marine occupations on the Essex coast.

The Carringtons married into the Coveneys, a Colchester family. George Carrington left Colchester for a while and went to the Clapham Shipyard, and came back a shipwrightand took over Mr Sainty’s yard at the Hythe and the Horse Shoes pub.

By all accounts he was a colourful chap and the great uncles remember the great family get togethers at the Horse Shoes. This involved the Carringtons and the Coveneys.

Picture of the Hythe

Picture of the pub sign

These are just bits and pieces we can’t place all of the old family. The pictures we think are the Coveneys because the faces are a bit square for the Carrington girls. Anyway they are from the Essex box.

Emily Carrington married George Beckwith and they were great favourites of our Paveley grandfather.

Arthur Carrington married Kate and they owned the house that our parents first had in Colchester.

Ernest Hatcher said
“I didn’t know my greatgrandfather William Coveney but I was taken to see my greatgrandmother who seemed to me to be very aged and apparently spent much time in the attic, in bed.”
“George Carrington built the only sailing barge on the Hythe, Colne. I was taken to see the craft being supported on beer barrels ...... “

A Coveney ??
Alice Hatcher Paveley and Ron Paveley

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