Christina McCrae Corbett

Christina McCrae Corbett,called Tiny, married John James Parvin, called Jack, on 12th June 1918 at the St Andrews Parish Church, Motherwell. There are no photographs. Christina was born on 31st May 1890 in Motherwell.

The marriage certificate says that Tiny was a domestic servant. She was a nanny and looked after the Christy family, and remained in touch with the family after she married.

Christina and Jack had two children George Parvin born in    and Chistina McCrae Parvin born April 10th 1924. George was born in in Hope Street where they lived with Christina’s mother. and then they lived in North Lodge Avenue. Tha Avenue was built as part of the post war housing and ex service men had preferential access. The apartments were relatively expensive and Christina became the only original tenant from the early twenties. The two bedroom apartment had to accommodate lodgers as well as the family, and her sisters family moved in for four years prior to the war. This was partly due to housing shortages and to Christina having a valvular heart disease. John James died in 1939, George had joined the air force and young Christina married in 1947 and moved to Colchester. Our Tiny stayed in North Lodge with a small pension 10/- a week, and took more lodgers. These invariably became family friends, Dolly and Robert moved to Glasgow and Jack Reid to Falkirk. 

Once the grand children arrived Christina tended to become peripetetic and would take the summers in Beccles with her daughter and in Godstone with her son. When annoyed she would always threaten to catch the next train home, else the house was like the wreck of the Hesperus and we must tidy up.

In 1963 she packed up house and home and moved to a flat in the centre of Beccles. The most notable item was the piano which had difficulty getting up the stairs. The old gramophone player which was wound by hand came too. Most days she would walk the mile up to our house. Christina died suddenly of a heart attack one year later.


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