Corbetts and McCraes

The Parvins, who moved from Yorkshire to Motherwell, married into Corbetts and other families in Scotland. Naming conventions were part of Scottish life at the time.

Christina McCrae Corbett married John James Parvin, and their children were Christina McCrae Parvin and George Parvin. The family is pictured right, at their home in North Lodge, in Motherwell, in about1928.

John James worked on the railways, and it was through that link that the family met yearly, at the Railway companies’ holiday camp in Scarborough, with the Paveley family. Ron Paveley, six years older than young Christina (Chrissie) Parvin, was to become her husband in 1946.

Mary Hill Corbett married Robert Douglas, and had a daughter, Christina McCrae (Chrissie) Douglas. She married Hans Pieper, a German prisoner of war, who she met while he was working as a forester in Aberfoyle.

The small settlement of Snizzort, on the west coast of Skye, is where Catherine Cummings met Donald McCrae, and they later settled in Glasgow.

Naming conventions suggest her mother was a Christina, since her first daughter, who would normally be named after her, had the given name Christina.

That’s her, Catherine’s daughter Christina McCrae, seated left. With her are her husband Thomas Corbett and their children, Christina McCrae Corbett and Mary Hill Corbett; and the boys Donald and Thomas.

Mary Hill Corbett was named for her father’s mother, Mary Hill, from the Ballyclare area of County Antrim.

The naming conventions which were so important to earlier generations did not go beyond the two cousins. Chris Paveley called her 3 daughters Linda June, Irene Jean and Sheila McCrae; and Chris Pieper called her daughter Hilary Elisabeth. We don’t know why for sure,but there was just the confusion of everyone being called Christina and known by their fathers’ names.

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