Cutlery Families

1841 Census

In the 1841 Census, George Sykes, born 1787, is shown married to Elizabeth born 1797. Their children are listed as:

  • William Sykes (aged 16)
  • John (aged 10)
  • Ellen (aged 6)
  • Joseph (aged 4)
  • George (aged 2)

They are resident in Strafforth and Tickhill, and George is a scale presser.

William Morton born 1806 is shown married to Ann, born 1811. Their children are listed as:

  • George Morton (15)
  • Thomas (11)
  • Henry( 9)
  • William ( 7)
  • Hannah ( 5)
  • Harriet ( 4)
  • Samuel( 1)

They are resident in      , and William is a cutler

1851 Census

In the 1851 Census, George and Elizabeth Sykes are recorded, though with different birth dates (1786 and 1806). Their children Ellen (17), George (12) and Joseph (15) are still with them. The elder children John and William are not recorded and we have not been able to locate them elsewhere. The family also have a lodger, one William Morton age 17 and born 1834, who is a table blade forger.

George is recorded as a scale presser employing 68 hands, and his sons are also scale pressers.

William and Ann Morton are accompanied by Thomas and Emily. William is at the Sykes, and George , Henry, Hannah, Harriet, and Samuel are not recorded with their parents and have not been located elsewhere. There are additional children: Alfred (9), Elizabeth (8), Nathan (7) and James (2).

1861 Census

In the 1861 Census, we could not locate George and Elizabeth Sykes. Ellen Sykes has married William Norton and they lodge with John Walton in Eccleshall Bierlow. Their children are

  • Walter (aged 9, b.1852)
  • Elizabeth Jane (aged 4, b. 1857)
  • George (aged 6, b. 1855).
  • Jane (aged 2 months, b. 1860)

William 1806 and Ann Morton are also in Eccleshall with Alfred (19), James (13), and Walter (10).

1881 Census

In the 1881 Census, William Morton and Ellin (Sykes) Morton are in Ecclesall Bierlow with children as follows:

  • Jane (20)
  • Harry (16)
  • Mary Ann (9)
  • Fred (5)
  • Fanny (3)

There is also a grandson George N Morton, who is the son of George Parvin. He was later named Parvin. Jane Morton married George Parvin 29/1/1882 at St simons Sheffield.

1891 Census

The 1891 Census shows George Parvin, born 1860, married to Jane Morton, born 1861. Their children are listed as:

  • George (10)
  • Mark (7)
  • Fanny (6)
  • John James (4)
  • Emma N. (1)

The family are resident in Attercliffe Cum Darnall. They left Sheffield for Motherwell either in 1891 or 1892.

It is not clear what has happened to either the Sykes or the Morton male lines. We have found no further trace of the families.

Jane Morton married George Parvin in January 1882 and they and their children left Sheffield for Motherwell in 1882. Jane Morton was the offspring of two cutlery families – the Mortons, who were cutlers and blades, and the Sykes who were scale pressers – handles.

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