Elijah & Ellen Maria

Elijah Hatcher married Ellen Maria Carrington on 15th December 1887 at the Parish Church East Grinstead. The witnesses were George Carrington and Alice Whalebone. Elijah William was born in the Poplars Middlesex and Ellen was born in Colchester. After their marriage they lived in Colchester and Elijah was a mariner and worked the coastal barges with his father and brother Ralph.

The family is recorded in the 1901 Census at 130 Greenstead Road. Elijah and Ellen are recorded with their children Alice Eliza, age 12, Dorothy E age 2, Ernest William age 9 and Ralph George age 8 months. No record has been found of Alice and Ellen in 1891 Census, but Elijah is on vessels with his father and brother.

The children of Elijah and Ellen were

Alice Eliza, our grandmother, married Percy Walter Paveley
Ernest William (1892-1987) who married Bessie May Naylor. Ernest emigrated to Canada after WWI. They had one child John Hatcher.
Ralph George (1893-1985) was a merchant seaman and married Alice May Elloway in 1927 in Hampshire. They divoced in 1943. After WW2 Ralph moved back to the family home in Greenstead Street, where Dorothy, his sister, was living.
Dorothy Ellen (1898-1977) was married to the church. She lived in her parents house, 184 Greenstead Road, and was disabled with arthritis. After his divorce Ralph moved back to the family home and the two didn’t get on. Dorothy moved to a trust house in the centre of Colchester.
Harold Coveney Hatcher (1903-1972) left for Canada in 1920, following his elder brother. He married Margaret Bailey Duncan in Canada, and had three children Alan, Iris and Norma.
Victor Whitmore Hatcher (1907-1978) married Phyllis Galliforth and lived in Colchester. They had one son David Hatcher  

Alice Elijah Ellen Victor and Dorothy

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