Frederick and Fanny

The photograph shows Frederick Saunders Paveley, at the age of 66 in 1928, when he was part of the Great North Eastern Railways’ St Johns Ambulance team. Frederick was part of a line in which the given-name Saunders, or Sanders, recurred.

Where does it come from?

The name Sanders or Saunders first appears in the Paveley line after James Pavely’s marriage to Ann Hills in 1807. Ann appears to have brought with her both the given name Peter, and the given name Saunders or Sanders. See more detail here.

Frederick was born in 1862 in Rayleigh in Essex. In 1887, aged 27, his occupation was given as “groom”; but he took employment with GNER in the railway’s Laundry Service, and moved to Colchester.

On 16th April 1887 he married Fanny Johnson Carter, born circa 1864, occupation tailoress, in Colchester. They then lived in Colchester, at 15 St Pauls Road. She died on February 11th 1921, and he died in 1936.


Fanny Carter’s marriage certificate states that her father was “Thomas Carter (sailor) deceased”. The 1891 Census has Fanny and Frederick living in Colne Bank Road with Frederick and Percy Walter. The 1881 Census give Fanny Carter, age 17, living with her grandmother, Sarah age 68, widow and born circa 1813. Fanny was born in Colchester St Peters. Both Sarah and Fanny were tailoresses.

The 1871 Census gives Francis G Carter (age 7) living with her grandmother Sarah age 58 and unmarried. There was also a visitor, Elizabeth Everett, age 47, born in Groton, Suffolk (Hadleigh – Sudbury area). The “G” we assume to be a mistranscription of her middle name, which was Johnson. We do not at the moment know why she had that given name.

1861 Census – no records of Fanny Carter found; but the 1851 Census also has a record of Sarah with her mother:

  • Sarah Carter 63 mother b Waldingfield – also in the Hadleigh / Sudbury area.
  • Sarah Carter 35 daughter, needlewoman
  • Hellen Carter 8 daughter 1843 - ??? . A Hellen Carter died in 1844 Q1 in Colchester. However this might be Ellen (assumed Carter) daughter of Sarah – as per Sarah’s death certificate .

In the !841 Census, we can trace neither of the two Sarahs.

The children of Frederick and Fanny were:

  • Percy Walter Paveley, married Alice Eliza Hatcher in 1913.
  • Elsie Paveley, married Claud Smith and had a daughter Audrey born 1931 Audrey married Norman Platten in 1954. Norman worked on the railway police and died in 1974. They had two children, Lesley and Caroline. The family are in Colchester and Carolyn is in Tiptree
  • Frederick Harold Paveley had two wives: Edith Rainer, who he divorced, and Mildred Scowen. With Mildred there were four children: Freda born 1926 who married Percy Jackson, Patricia who married Ron Groves, Roy born 1933 who married Barbara and had a son Adam, and Jill who married John Pryke. They had two children Alison Jane Pryke married to David Miller, and Nicola Joy who married Jason King. Frederick worked on the LNER and moved to Ipswich
  • Nell, called either Fanny or Helen, married a Mr Garwood and had two sons Ken and Richard Garwood.
  • Frank S Paveley, born August 1893, married May Buck in 1916. They adopted a daughter who died.
  • Albert Ernest Paveley (Uncle Bertie) married Elisabeth Making in Sudbury in 1923 and had two sons Peter and Paul. He joined the navy and then the army and was discharged after one year in 1920.

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