John & Eliza

When they married in Stepney in 1853, John and Eliza were both at the same address in Fair Street. The witnesses were Mary Hatcher and Joseph Twin. Eliza and the witnesses entered their mark. The fathers were described as farmers. Both John and Eliza were born in Walton on the Naze and John was a mariner.

John and Eliza had 10 children of which only three survived. We have no record, so far, of the names of the dead children, who died of “fever”. The ones who survived were:

  • Ralph Daniel b.1858
  • Elijah William b. 1863
  • William b. 1868.

In the 1861 Census Eliza, Ralph and “Jno” are recorded as being in All Saints Middlesex.

In the 1871 Census Ralph age 13, Elijah age 8 and William age 3 are in Barking. William is recorded as being born in Barking, and Elijah and Ralph at the Poplars.

In the 1881 Census Eliza and William are in Tendring Harwick.

In the 1891 Census John Hatcher is a widower and Eliza has died.

  • John, the mariner, went sailing accompanied by his sons Ralph and Elijah, and in the 1881 Census all three were in a boarding house in South Shields.
  • In the 1891 Census Ralph and Elijah, accompanied by John, were in Maldon St Peter on vessels – the Hesper.
    • Ralph Hatcher – Master
    • Elijah Hatcher – Mate
    • John Hatcher – Retired master mariner
  • By 1891 Ralph was skipper of the Hesper with Elijah as first mate. Ralph was known as “Captain Dan” and Elijah as “Wick”. Ralph was deaf and Elijah was required to interpret for him and carry a slate so that he could read and write messages.

In the 1901 Census Ralph was still at the family home with John at the age of 76 and they are recoded as being at Harwick Tendering. 

From Walton on the Naze John and Eliza moved to London. In the 1851 Census she was recoded as being a servant in the Poplars. From Stepney the moved to the Poplars and then Barking. By 1881 the family home is in Tendring Harwick.

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