That’s a young Ron Paveley on the right, in a prophetic sailor suit. Prophetic because he later joined the Royal Navy and fought in World War 2. Ron was our father, and it’s not a common name, so we are interested to know who the Paveleys are.

There are several branches of the Paveley family in England, in locations including Essex, Birmingham, and Devon.

Within Essex, there are Paveley branches in Dovercourt, Southend, and Colchester; as well as in Devonshire and the West Midlands. We know some of the connections between these families, but this site is focused on the the Colchester branch of the Paveley family.

Sawbridgeworth and the Pavelys pre-Frederick.

Sawbridgeworth is a small market town, south of Bishop Stortford and it has a maltings, and it seems that that is where the Essex lines of our Paveleys, or any variant spelling, come from. There is no obvious reason for why Sawbridgeworth, other than “economic migration”, which argument is a catch-all for almost every population movement.

The information on the Sawbridgeworth Pavelys has been put together by Peter Lowe in researching his wife’s family connections and we have leant on this to track back through Sawbridgeworth. Peter’s excellent work in researching the names Paveley, Pavely, Peaveley, Pevely and more, in his document on the descendants of James Pavely and Ann Hills, you can download here; and you can see it also on his web pages at The research for that period has been largely based on births marriage and deaths in Sawbridgeworth plus the census for residence.

Our early research in the early 1980s picked up on Frederick Saunders Paveley (Colchester), George Saunders Paveley (Birmingham) and William Oaks Saunders Paveley (London). There was clearly a link between the three but we did not have the connections. Peter Lowe’s work suggests the connections outlined below.

A James Pavely, who died in 1737, married an Elizabeth Turner in 1684. Elizabeth lived between 1656 and 1701.

The link between the Sanders Pavelys dates from the marriage of James Pavely (1783 – 1831) and Ann Hills (1787 – 1863).

  • Ann Hills
    Born 1767 White Roding Essex, married to James Pavely of Sawbridgeworth in 1807. In 1851 and 1861 censuses resident in Sawbridgeworth. In 1863 buried in Sawbridgeworth
  • James Pavely 1783 – 1831
    Married in 1807. His sons date from 1806 -1830. He died in 1831

Please note that the father of George Sanders Paveley is only a logical link. There are no Fredericks within the family naming structure before that time, the dates fit and the names Forman and Nathan appears in both families. John Pavely has a father James, and his attachment on this line is agreed by Peter Lowe although we have no supporting information. 

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