Ralph and William

Ralph Daniel Hatcher was bornin 1857 and was skipper of the Hesper. He lived with his father, John Hatcher in the family home at Harwick, St Nicholas, Tendring. He married his father’s “young” housekeeper Florie Dale in 1902. Ralph was 45 and Florie was 22 years old.The Dales were fishermen and lifeboat people and grandfather Dale married twice.

Ralph and Florie had four children.
Ralph born 1903 married Mary and had three girls and a boy.
William born 1905 married Lucyand had one son Gerald. William and Lucy lived in Aston on Trent. Uncle Bill died in 1993.
Lilian Maud born in 1908 married Patrick Farthing. They had three children Diana Rita and Penny and lived in Dovercourt.
Florance born in 1906 married Jack Scarf and had three children Ken Guy and Gillian.
It is possible that three was another son called John who died in 1985 age 84 years.

This is Ralph’s wedding To Mary, and his sister Florance.

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