Ron & Chris

Ron (Ronald Ernest) Paveley and Chris (Christina McCrae) Parvin married in her town of Motherwell, at the Congregational Church, on June 20th 1947.

The two families met because, both employed in the railway industry, they both stayed at the railways’ holiday camp in Scarborough (click here for the Scarborough photos), and the Paveleys and Parvins became friendly.

st Ron 1934
sm cp3

The “Scarborough years” were from 1924 to 1934 (these are years in which we have photographs). There is only one photograph of the two families together, in 1934, when Ron was 16 and Chris was 10. There had been a considerable age gap, but obviously, with the years, it was reducing in significance.

sm Ron Navy
st Chris 1942

By 1939, aged 15, Chris had left school and was working for Bairds.

In that year, aged 52, John James Parvin died. Ron visited North Lodge on behalf of the Paveley family.

It was also the year the Second World War started, and Ron, aged 21, enlisted in the Royal Navy. He served on HMS Berwick in the North Atlantic, and ended the war in Ceylon.

Chris and Ron were a couple from June 1939 onwards, and corresponded throughout the war - though to Ron’s chagrin, his letters did not survive. Ron was demobbed in in 1946 and the couple were married a year later.

st 1941 IOW1

Ron and Chris on holiday in the Isle of Wight in 1946.

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