Roots in Suffolk

Census 1841 1851 and 1861

The Suffolk Hatchers recorded in the Census largely exist in the corridor between Woodbridge in the South and Blythborough in the North. The villages and towns include Wenhaston, Bramfield, Westleton, Laxfield, Parham, Framlingham, Marlesford, Kettleborough, Otley and Bradfield. The furthest West are in Debenham, but this is a family from Saxmundham.

Our John Hatcher was born in Parham in about 1796. His son is John Hatcher, the mariner, father to Elijah. (We have no direct proof of this linkage). There are no obvious linkages to the recorded Suffolk Hatchers through the male naming conventions. In part it seems that the grandfather link has not been followed and sons have been named after fathers. William is the he most commonly repeated name and it occurs in virtually all families where there are more than two sons. Linkages are tenuous, however, and while William does not appear in from the elder Hatcher generation it does reappear in the following generation. The strong geographical nature of the dispersion in the mid 1850s suggests a migration of the family along what would now be described as the A12 corridor. There will be links between these families.

1841Census: Parham
William Hatcher born 1786 is married to Phoeba b. 1791. Their children were:
 William  1821
 Robert   1826
 Samuel  1826
 Mary    1832
 Harriet  1830

In following censuses there are inconsistencies within the family. In 1851 Census Samuel Hatcher, age 26 and son-in-law, is with wife Maria, age 26, together with Robert Warn, age 56 and Mary Warn, age 50, and they are resident in Framlingham. The 1861 census records Samuel and Maria, age 37, with children John (9), Mary (7) and Robert 5). The 1851 Census (still in Parham) also has Robert Hatcher, age 28 and brother in law, with Harriet Hatcher (25) and Edward and Mary Folkard (age 24 and 22 respectively). In the 1861 Census we have two Williams (both of Framlingham). William 1 , born in 1786 is with Samuel (36) and Robert (39). William 2, born in 1789, is with Phoeba (1791) of Parham and Emma, age 26.
It is likely that this family is related to our John Hatcher

 1841 Census: St Mary at Elms
Benjamin 1806 married Elizabeth 1811. Their children were:
 Mary  1829
  Susannah 1830
  Sarah  1832
  Martha  1834
  Benjamin 1838
  Harriet 1840

1841 Census: Westleton
John b. 1801 is married to Sarah b. 1796. Their children were
 John  1826
 William 1828
 Robert  1831

1841 Census: Blythboroug
Rebecca 1786
 James 1815
 David 1826
In the 1861 Census, James Hatcher (48) has married Caroline, and they have a son James W, age 7 months; and David (36) has married Maria and they have a daughter Mary, age 11.

1841 Census Market Wickham
Samuel Hatcher b. 1796 is married to Sarah 1801. Their children were:
 Robert  1816
 Clement 1821
 William 1826
 Emma  1823
 George 1835
 Samuel 1838
Clement is in the 1851 Census, as son of Sarah, with George 15, Samuel 12, Sarah 63, and William 26 in Debenham. In the 1861 Census at age 40, he has married Mary A and has daughters Emma and Mary.

1841 Census Saxmundham
Thomas Hatcher 1810 married Ann 1811. Their children were:
  Sophia 1838
 Elizabeth 1841
 Eliza  1839 
 William 1836
By the 1851 Census the family have grown and along with Thomas and Ann we have Sophia 13, Eliza 11, Elizabeth 10, Jane 8, George 3, Sarah 1 and William 11 months. By 1861 Thomas and Ann are accompanied by Sophia 23, Sarah 11 and William 10.

1841 Census Laxfield
Thomas b. 1806 the shoe maker is married to Mary b. 1811. Their children were:      Mary Ann 1837
 William 1839
Thomas 48 and Mary 45 are in the 1851 Census with Mary Ann 15, William 12, Thomas 10, Sarah 7, and John 5.

1851 Census Blythborough
Benjamin b.1794 is married to Ann b. 1801. Their children were:
 Anne  1830 age 21
 William 1835 age 16
 Walter  1838 age 13
 Charles 1841 age 10
 Arthur 1846 age 6
In the 1861 Census William Hatcher age 26 and born in Blythborough has married Louisa, age 27, daughter of Edward and Martha Jeffries aged 57.

1851 Census Woodbridge
James b. 1818 is married to Lucy b. 1817. Their children were:
 Emma  1883 age 8
 George  1846 age 5
 Eliza  1848 age 3
In 1861 we have James and Lucy with Eliza 13, Emma 19, George 16, James 10 and William 6.

The 1861 Census records a number of other Hatchers but these have not been recorded here. They are however in the same area.

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