Saunders / Sanders

The name Sanders or Saunders does not appear in the Paveley line until James Pavely married Ann Hills in 1807. Ann Hills was born in White Roding in 1787 and died in 1863. She was resident in Sawbridgeworth with James.

  • William Oak Saunders Paveley’s parents were George (son of James and Ann) and he had a brother Nathan Forman Pavely. George Sanders Pavely ‘s parents were probably Frederick George ( brother to William Oak Saunders) and Mary. The reason for that assumption is that there are no previous Fredericks in the Pavely line.
  • George ( father of William Oak Saunders) had a brother called Peter Forman Pavely.
  • Peter occurs in the family of James / Ann Hills, George / Jane Bassill, Frederick / Mary and John / Emma Lodge. We do not until this time find Peters in the Pavely male line.

We assume that the appearance of Sanders / Saunders is related to Ann Hills’ family.

  • Ann Hills 1787 – 1863 is from White Roding or Roothing. In the 1841 Census we have a family of Hills:
    • Elizabeth 1798 = James 1799 with children George 1825, Sarah 1828, Nathan 1831, Hannah 1834, Susan 1837and William 1840.
    • In addition we have a William 1786 and Mary 1797, and Grace Hills 1776 with Weston Hills 1806.

While the family above is contemporaneous with Ann Hills, there is sufficient commonality between the names of the girls to link Ann Hills with this family. In addition we have a Nathan which is a given name of a brother of William Oaks Saunders Pavely.

There are Sanders in the area but none that can be linked to the Hills.

  • In 1760 an Abraham Pavely married Elizabeth Sanders in Abbess Roding.
  • The 1841 Census has a Sophia Sanders 1781 living with Charles 1810, Mary 1820 and Arthur 1840, living in Mountifitchen, north of Bishop Stortford. It has a Josiah Sanders 1771 living in Witham, near Braintree, and a Mary 1776 and Lydia Sanders 1786 living in Hatfield Broad Oak. This is in the are of White Roding. There is also a second family in Mountifitchet of John 1775, Elizabeth 1781 and David 1818.
  • The 1851 Census has the following families
    • Simeon age 47 with Frances age 41 with children Fanny (18), Betsy (16), Harriet (11), James (11), William (14), Marianne (5) and Lydia age 2. These are living in the Sawbridgeworth area.
    • Guiver age 47, Elizabeth age 46 and William age 21 born in Mounfitchet
    • Charlotte age 51, William age 51, Mary Ann age 21 and Charlotte age 24 in Stanstead
    • Jonathan 1822 and Eliza 1833 in Sawbridgeworth
    • Sarah 1801 and Alfrd 1827 born Moutifitchet
    • Hannah age 63, James age 73, Joseph age 39, James age 26,Fanny age 22 and Ellen age 7, born in Birchanger Essex and resident in Sawbridgeworth.
    • George 1812, Rhoda 1819, Mary Ann 1839, Sarah 1844, George 1846, Harriet 1849 and Rhoda 1850, from Birchanger And lastly
    • Henry age 36, Elizabeth age 34, George age 12 and Henry age 2 in

All that can be confirmed is that there were local Sanders families in the area. There is no indication which, if any, were connected to the Hills.

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